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The purpose of this website is to trace the following major families that are part of Brenda Ann Wawok Kinsella Horton's roots and to recognize the importance of her ancestors as they made many changes in shaping history along life's journey.  As Alex Haley is quoted: "In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we have come from.  Without this enriching knowledge there is a hollow yearning.  No matter what our attainments in life there is still a vacuum.  An emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness." Alex Haley


Mother's side:


Freese Children

Jess and Mary Freese

Freese Children

Jesse M. Freese (Friess) and Mary E. Wiltfong (Wildfang)

Roses   Father's side:   Roses
Rozalia Minzik Stefan Wawok

Casmier Wawok   Edward Wawok   Helen Wawok   Irene Wawok   Sophie Wawok   Stanley Wawok   Walt Wawok   Joseph Wawok

Stefan Wawok and Rozalia Minzik

Of course along the journey into the past there are interesting stories, questions of parentage, and intriguing marriages.  Please feel free to visit the forum to add your own family tidbits, information and feedback. I'm always open to corrections that you may have and to adding new documents/information to my site.  My database us updated nightly so please visit often.  Brenda

Sources: If I have left out a source please contact me.  A special thanks to all of my sources.  I could not have done it without you!!! Brenda

Sources for the Wiltfong/Kimmel Families:

Mary E. Wiltfong Freese was born November 11, 1919 in Indiana. She is the daughter of Monroe Charles Wiltfong and Lillie Kimmel of Indiana. She is also the wife of the late Jess M. Freese of Indiana.  I have enjoyed Mary's childhood stories about the Wiltfong/Kimmel families. Thanks grandma!

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Sources for the Hay and Freese families:

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Sources for the Wawok and Minzik Families:

A special thanks to my father, Walt Wawok born December 31, 1936 in LaPorte, Indiana to Polish immigrants, Stefan Wawok and Rosalia Minzik.  Thanks, Dad for taking me to and from the LaPorte County Library, the cemeteries, LaPorte County Courthouse, and the LaPorte County Museum. Also for the childhood stories and for teaching me a few Polish words.  A well deserved thanks to my brother, Walter "Tony" Wawok for taking me to the cemeteries and looking for tombstones for hours on end in the Indiana summer heat. I appreciate your time and sweat not to mention your great company. Helen Wawok Macher, Steven Wawok, Kenny Wawok, Rosemarie Wawok Emerick, Nancy Macher Basinger, Melodie Wawok Ackerson, Judy Konfirst Branham, Cynthia Macher Renz Hycner, Robert Macher, James Macher, The LaPorte Herald Argus, U.S. Federal Census, Ellis Island Records, MyFamilyPeopleFinder, The 1903 Ship Project by Dennis Baer, The Polish Genealogy website, Alvie Davidson, Norbert Stevens, Jerry Choinska, C. Fronzek, Tina Ellis, William F. Hoffman, Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte County Court House, Elizabeth Wawok Korepanow Tanksley, Amy Korepanwo, Penelope Wawok Harde, LaPorte Slicer website, and The LaPorte Public Library.


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